Everything on this site is written by me.  All contents belong to me and may not be reproduced without permission.  Everything written here is true (I swear to G_d), but is very much filled with my own personal opinions and narratives to highlight things I am interested in and work that I do (see About Me.)  Think subjectivity instead of objectivity.  So, don’t take it as a reflection of any organization I may be in charge of or a part of or anyone that I may work for or with, okay?  Cool?  Cool.

Sometimes we all forget that a blog is a blog and not necessarily news.  (Hmmm…chew on that for a while.)  I also understand that many people like to blog about their messy divorces or their boyfriend/girlfriend who just screwed them over, but, you’re not going to read anything like that here.

Also, I like to reference people when they say or do something cool and important (or uncool and unimportant.)  If I know you, I may write about you.  I will ask your permission if it’s not public (i.e. on your blog or website, something you said/did in a public forum), lest you feel that I am invading your privacy or offending you and freak out on me.  The Internet can be a dark, scary place these days, and I’d rather be the flashlight than the spider in a cobweb.

Thanks for reading.  🙂


Updated: 11/29/12