About Me

I live in Nashville, TN and got here by way of Houston by way of New York by way of Austin by way of Denton by way of Houston by way of New Orleans by way of New York.  I consider myself to have moved around a lot, but I am starting to meet more and more people who trump that card.

When I lived in Texas, I used to tell people I was from New York.  When I lived in New York, I used to tell people that I was from Texas.  Fun, yet somewhat confusing for both the speaker and the listener.  After all this time, I have finally decided that, yes, I am in fact from Texas.  I don’t have an accent, but y’all has to be just about the best word in the whole wide world as I try to use it as often as possible.

I am interested in almost anything and everything…but more specifically…

music (after all, it’s my business)

technology (new media, social media, new platforms/software for music and personal communication)

marketing (esp. how the above fits into it)

art (sculpture, photography, outsider art, graffiti art)

design (landscaping, web, clothing, jewelry, interior, exterior)

film (esp. foreign and doc, but I will watch almost anything)

being sporty after years of being unsporty (running, tennis, swimming, golf, hockey)

you (your kid, your friends, pictures of your kid, pictures of your friends, pictures of your friends with your kid in them)

I’ve worked in the “entertainment” business my whole adult life.  I usually don’t like to use that word, because it’s sort of like saying “I’m a dancer.”  I’ve worked in film, television and the music business.  Prior to that, I worked at many libraries where I did research and helped students learn the difference between Austria and Australia.  I have also worked at a British novelty store and a grocery store, where I once cried when I made a whole six pack of beer explode while checking out a customer.  I have also been (and currently am) a killer babysitter.

You can reach me at katykirby at gmail dot com.


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  1. Mcsweeney’s writing is very genius, especially since we lived so very close to Randi and Rhoda and Robby growing up (porter/new caney). Did you guys ever go to the Porter wal-mart?
    How are you? Sounds like life is treating you well… Take care, Bo

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