Modern Day Observations and Epiphanies, Part 2

18. I almost skipped 18. I don’t pay attention to detail sometimes…

19. Everything happens for a reason…kinda.  I mean, this is what I tell myself so I can sleep better at night.

20. I change friends as often as I change my underwear, and sometimes it’s not often enough on both.

21. Cats.  For people who like soft things that require little emotional effort. (Did I ever tell you about my massive stuffed animal collection I had when I was a little girl?)

22. The business behind aging and dying is so elaborate, and no one really wants to face every detail because it reminds us of our own mortality.  Learn about it ALL before you are forced to make decisions when you are grieving.

23. In reference to #22, Hobby Lobby has great, reasonably priced “urns”.

24.  I work in marketing and communications.  Almost daily I try to convince someone to do something.  Despite this, it never ceases to sadden me when I realize how much people are swayed by a little press.  Anyone can write a press release, folks.  Think for yourself (even if I am trying to convince you to do my bidding.  I know this will bite me in the rear later…)

25. I always thought the biggest regrets I would have when my father passed away were about not being married or having kids.  In reality, all I thought about were the fights we had and how meaningless and stupid they seem in retrospect.

26. Real friends clean out your refrigerator when you are gone unexpectedly for an unknown period of time.

27.  That thing I wrote about cats?  Ignore it.  My mom’s cat was the bomb and really helped her through some hard times. He always seemed to just know what she needed. (Maybe he had the heart of a dog?) RIP, Big Boy. You will be missed.

28.  I have a hard time asking for help.

29. I am always waiting for the other shoe to drop.

30. I own far too many shoes.


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