Of Interest: Sunday, February 6, 2011


I read.  A lot.  In fact, I feel inundated daily by news coming in from Twitter, my RSS feeds, facebook, breaking news from AP mobile, and everything in between.  I want to stay informed, but it’s exhausting.  Often when I am in discovery mode, I will click on a hyperlink and keep the tab open for the entire week in Firefox.  Or I will email a story back to myself to read later.  Compelling headlines, interesting topics…I’m hooked on learning.  Things could be worse, I suppose.

It’s impossible to know it all.  I can’t possibly always keep up.  I am, by nature, a hoarder.  Perhaps at my age this will not change.

Sundays mark the culmination of my frantic news and information gathering of the week.  This past Sunday as I was catching up on my New York Times Magazines (about 4 of them), it hit me that it might be nice to share a few worthy items on this blog.  Some of this may be a few weeks old, but….you’re behind too, right?  Let this be my new Sunday blog ritual.  Enjoy.

– Loretta Lynn comments on her song “Portland, Oregon” in American Songwriter Magazine‘s “Lyric of the Week”.  She has always been a favorite of mine, and I love to hear how songwriters approach their craft.

“When I write a song, the melody just comes in my mind to fit that song,” says Lynn. “And if it’s a slow tempo, I think of a slow melody to get in that mood. I let the song come to me. I just gotta get by myself and get that song. And if it don’t come easy, I lay it down. And sometimes I’ll pick it up, and sometimes I won’t ever go back to it.”

This should all make us feel better about our unfinished projects.  Inspiration drives us, but only half way.  Somethings are unfinished for a reason.

Brian Solis thinks Malcolm Gladwell is being irresponsible about his opinions concerning social media’s part in the Eqyptian protests.  Fight, fight, fight!  I see Brian’s point.

– Social media and the end of gender?  This TED talk from Johanna Blakley caught my eye, so I had a watch/listen.  Think old school demographics vs. new ways of discovering and sharing interests.  Women, it seems, “are driving the social media revolution.” I didn’t catch the loop back to really ending gender per se. The real point I caught was that people will be less “genderized” and more “categorized”.

And I will mix this one up with the new AOL/Huffington Post partnership.  AOL has been targeting women in their content and advertising strategy because they see women as an important and under-served “demographic” (sorry Johanna!)

– My mother will like this one.  Design student Indhira Rojas created a data gathering service that isn’t geared toward selling to us blindly (think your Kroger card), but letting us be responsible, better consumers.  IndexR tracks consumption and behavior and reveals patterns (buying too much junk food) and tells you if certain products come in recyclable containers or can be composted.

It’s the the idea of a “zero waste culture” where everything has a purpose, and that purpose is to lead us all in a better path.

I like the last quote from Rojas: “It’s about creating a culture where we own this data.  This data is ours.”

Kroger!  I want my data!


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