Modern Day Observations and Epiphanies, Part 1

1. I am completely responsible for my own health and well-being.  Nobody else but me.

2. Unless you have Giganticism or some kind of glandular disorder, no one person needs two seats on an airplane or a seat belt extender (see #1).

3. Mourning lost love is a complete waste of time.  I have literally lost years of my life doing it, only to find someone else eventually.  Every. damn. time.

4. I don’t know one single woman who hasn’t been abused, marginalized or had some body issue at some point in her life.  Society, we gotta work on this.

5. People don’t change.  They can soften or adjust, but our true nature is always hiding down there somewhere.

6. Art is an opinion (and boy, do I have one!)

7. I love the IDEA of responsibility.

8. Most people live beyond their means.

9. Piano.  Best idea ever.

10. We have many soulmates.

11. Whenever I say that I will never like something or do something, I always end up liking it or doing it.  Like clockwork.

12. Music has probably saved more lives than any psychotropic drug or therapy.

13. Love is a choice.

14.  Replacing the “S” in your name with a “$” is completely unnecessary and weird.

15. America used to embrace the ideal, and now we crawl toward mediocrity (see #14).

16. Anyone is really capable of doing anything, good or bad.

17. My NYC experience was nothing like “Sex and the City”.


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