Barcamp Nashville (Part 1)

(reposted from Remarkable Wit)

Marcus and I were lucky enough to attend and participate on panels in the recent Barcamp Nashville event. When Marcus co-founded this local Barcamp last year, I think many people wondered after it was over “This is great! Now what?” The digital community here in Nashville has been anything but cohesive and united. I think the consensus is that we all need to come together and galvanize the scene here, and I see that happening swiftly. It is indeed very pivotal time for Nashville, and we are excited to be a part of it.

Marcus sat on the “Getting Your Big Idea Funded!” panel along with Clint Smith of Emma, Nicholas Holland of Centre{source} and Debbie Gordon of Snappy Auctions. One of the questions posed concerned company growth and expansion from a financial perspective. It was interesting to see the different perspectives on this…Marcus used how I was brought on to the company as an example of how he handled growth and hiring staff. Marcus and I talked for five months before I came on to work at Remarkable Wit. We liked each other and had similar styles and ambitions and my background complimented with all of his business endeavors. For a while, it wasn’t clear how we would be able to come together, but eventually the stars aligned and we did. Meticulous over planning and massive resource allocation isn’t realistic for movement and growth in the arena we are playing in. But it wasn’t all entirely cosmic. The business grew, the money came, the projects came to fruition and a place for me materialized. It was an organic process that started on trust, dialogue and common vision and ends with high expectations and goals.

I’ll temper all that by saying as a startup company, Remarkable Wit believes in running lean and running smart. I think the world is a bit nervous know concerning money and growth with the current state of the economy. But, as has been pointed out to me in several of my favorite daily reads these last few weeks, now is the perfect time for startups, if they make the right choices. What I learned most by watching that panel (and through my experience in life so far) is that really there are no rules and there is no handbook. If you’ve got a passion for entrepreneurship, you’re going to find the path that works for you to bring your dream to fruition.

(I posted a few of my pics from Barcamp on our flickr page- feel free to check out my iPhone handiwork!)


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