I’ve been silent lately because I have been waiting on something important to finalize.  Well, now I can start blabbing!

I’m happy to announce that I accepted a full time gig here in Nashville with Remarkable Wit. I’ll still be very active with Digital Nashville and supporting the new media and technology community here (so, don’t worry!)  RW is a great company- progressive, visionary and very dedicated to growing and supporting Nashville in general.  We all agree and believe that there are great things bubbling up here.  It’s an interesting and exciting time and I am so please to be a part of it.

I sealed the deal on my position on Thursday, September 11th- which marks the anniversary of a very life changing day for me (and a lot of folks.)  I organized a great, fun event for Digital Nashville during the Next Big Nashville event, and when I finally stopped buzzing around getting things perfect, I celebrated and I decided something.

Life is good. 🙂

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