It’s been a crazy few weeks…so crazy that I haven’t had the time or will to write.  I switched my header picture AGAIN, so, I guess this is officially and temporarily the picture blog.  Unintentional.  I promise to get back into the swing of things just as soon as it all slows down.  I’ve been busy consulting and working on Digital Nashville (did you read/hear all the great buzz about us???), but there is really no excuse for this:

I’ve lived here for officially a year this past Monday and during this whole year I have driven past the image you see above I don’t know how many times.  I have always been a huge fan of graffiti art/ street art.  It catches my eye wherever I go and sticks in my brain.  Does anyone remember the OBEY happening that was hot in the 90’s?  Maybe I am showing my age.  Every now and then I will still see some Andre the Giant stickers on a stop sign or a park bench, but I have yet to see any of this in Nashvegas.

So…for about a year I have driven on Old Hickory past an abandoned contruction site and thought “Muze Panda?  What the hell is that?”  I FINALLY stopped and snapped some photos last week.  Someone obviously poured a lot of time and effort into it.  I still can figure out what it’s referencing.  If you know, leave a comment, or else it will become the mystery of my life (right next to the meaning of it.)


One thought on “Snapped

  1. I used to paint graffiti once upon a time. Maybe we can do a mural at the next Digital Nashville event…

    Nah, all the fumes from the cans would give me different colored boogers for days. Yuck.

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