We all (hopefully) have that person in our lives that gave us the tools to learn and grow.  I worked my way through college, mostly in the library system at my University.  I had no idea what a great choice that was at the time.  I figured it was just an easy job where I got paid to do my homework and read.  It was there that I honed my research skills and first got exposed to the lovely internet.  I moved to work at the media libraryas a supervisor during my last few years at school.  I was not the most computer savvy person on the planet- my family couldn’t afford to have a computer when I was a kid, so anything I learned was in my beginning computer science class when I arrived at college.  I was interested, but needed some direction.  My supervisor there came from similar circumstances, so she spent a great deal of time with me so that I could expand my knowledge.  Her time and care truly made a difference for me; it made technology something powerful and helpful rather than intimidating and out of reach.

One of her favorite websites was  In the early stages, it was a design tips/hack site and now it’s a full blown online training site, with courses on everything you can imagine (not just design.)  Maybe I will take a course or two in her honor (and mine) sometime soon.  😉

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